Education & Curriculum

Our priority within the Eden Academy is to ensure all our pupils achieve their personal best.

Our schools focus on the individual learning needs of every pupil so that their teaching encourages them forwards in their development.  We keep class groups small - from 6 to 10 pupils depending on age, learning ability and need - to personalise learning and promote independence.

The aims of the Academy are to ensure our pupils become successful individuals, confident citizens and responsible individuals and meet the challenges society provides.'

The Academy has a range of specialists that can support teachers in planning and delivering education, including curriculum specialists, qualified teachers for visual impairments, ICT experts and language and communication professionals.

To find out more, please visit our individual schools:

  1. Alexandra School
  2. Grangewood School
  3. Moorcroft School
  4. Pentland Field School
  5. RNIB Sunshine House