Family services

Our aim is to offer extended social opportunities for our children and to provide support groups for our families.

We have set up a joint service across our schools to give pupils and their parents, carers, siblings and other family members the chance to get together, support each other and have fun.

We provide:

  • A varied programme of activities from coffee mornings, trips out, and swimming sessions to holiday & after-school clubs
  • An opportunity for our pupils to extend their experiences outside of the classroom
  • Links for our parents and carers to a network of groups that offer ideas, activities & resources to try at home
  • Training in parenting issues for parents and carers

We are dedicated to providing our children with a range of exciting activities outside of school hours, that give them a chance to experience opportunities that they wouldn't usually have available to them, as well as developing new skills with their friends.

Our family events provide the opportunity for the whole family, including siblings, to access organised trips and activities with supportive members of staff.

If you would like to find out more about our Family Services, please contact