Outreach Therapy Service

The Eden Academy Trust Outreach Therapy Service is a team of experienced therapists who support schools using a collaborative approach to meet the SEND needs for both primary and secondary aged pupils to help them access their education.

We provide high quality support within a flexible, cost effective and measurable package tailored to the specific needs of schools and individual pupils, assisting class teams to embed therapy targets into the pupil’s school day.

The highly skilled team includes speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and creative arts therapists. The team have long-term experience of working within education and a proven track record of supporting schools and staff to meet the complex needs of pupils. We also provide Manual Handling assessments and training if required.


The Outreach Team

The Eden Academy Trust therapy teams offer service and support to pupils in school settings aged between 4-19, who present a need and where this is outlined in their Education, Health Care (EHC) Plan.

The foundation of our service is the ability to integrate therapy and handling plans into an educational setting.

Pupils’ needs are assessed and identified on an individual basis and programs and recommendations are set up to fit seamlessly within the existing school provision.

All therapists have the necessary professional registrations, up-to-date enhanced DBS checks and are supported by a wider multidisciplinary team. All teams operate in line with national, local and professional guidelines to ensure we support a COVID-secure work environment.

How does it work?

We work directly with children and young people within SEND in educational settings such as schools, colleges and nurseries. We work in conjunction with local authorities, direct within a service or institution, or at the private request of a parent or family. Direct work is always offered with the commitment to liaise with all outside agencies and families to best meet the child’s needs.

We also provide consultation on provision and service development.

If you would like to find out more about the Outreach Therapy Service offered by the Eden Academy Trust, please email info@theedenacademy.co.uk

Individual Therapy Teams

Speech & Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) team offer specialist support to pupils with speech, language and social communication difficulties. Communication is vital for the development of a child’s learning and thinking skills, as well as their social and emotional wellbeing.

Working with Eden, you will be provided with a therapist that is highly skilled, experienced in working within mainstream schools and with the support of a wider specialist SaLT team.

The speech and language therapist will work with the pupil and staff to ensure that all their communication needs are understood and met in a way that works within the classroom and fits with school schedules.

Our speech and language therapists are able to:

•             advise on the management of specific communication needs in the classroom

•             train staff to increase confidence in working with students with communication needs throughout the school

•             work individually with students and TA/LSA to provide a therapy programme

•             write EHC Plan Annual Review reports and support EHCP planning

•             assess and advise regarding new pupils with possible communication needs.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is delivered within the existing curriculum. We work closely with the SENCO and the pupil’s family to ensure all of the needs are identified and supported. Therapists provide relevant training for working with a pupil to ensure therapy programs are carried out safely and correctly and staff are skilled in the delivery.

We assess pupils with recognised, standardised assessments and provide detailed, pupil specific, reports of progress and needs.

Our team assess the needs for pupils who present with:

•             challenges to sensory modulation

•             motor difficulties

•             the need for adaptive equipment and seating

•             the need for an OT assessment and support with EHC plan documentation.

The service provides training sessions for groups of people on specific topics. This can be in person or on-line.



Our Physiotherapy team supports pupils with challenges to their mobility and motor function. Pupils receive an individual assessment from which we form their therapy plan. The plan will address current issues but also consider the prevention of future problems.

We provide:

•             individual pupil assessments, set-up and implementation of physiotherapy programs in a school environment

•             advice, set up and training in the use of mobility and standing equipment

•             physiotherapy assessment and reports to support EHC plans

•             support and advice for manual handling.

We provide training on specific topics. This can be delivered in person or as on-line training.


Manual Handling and Equipment

We have different levels of manual handling training depending on needs. Our trainers have extensive experience in assessing pupils who have reduced mobility and require support.

Our trainers carry out manual handling risk assessments for pupils and advice on equipment that might be required.

They provide training in the use of equipment and maintenance.


Creative Arts Therapies

Arts Therapy is the collective term for psychotherapy which is based within the art form. The therapists provide an environment in which a relationship can develop between themselves and the pupil using music, drama, dance and movement as an interactive and communicative medium. Being able to engage in creativity therapeutically enables a reflection and a way to communicate inner feelings without the need for words. This offers a new way for pupils to express how they are feeling and have their emotional needs heard and acknowledged.

Arts therapists hold a Masters’ degree and are both artists and clinicians. They draw on their training in the arts and therapy to create methods to engage the pupil to develop emotional expression, a sense of self, play and creativity and communication through voice and body.

Arts Therapists offer a range of confidential services including:

•             assessments

•             individual, pair or group work

•             EHC plan input and reviews

•             RESOS (Relational Emotional Sense Of Self) evaluation system

•             consultations with families, class teams and other professionals

•             early intervention

•             family work.

We also offer training to school based staff on:

•             mental health and wellbeing

•             working with social, emotional and mental health needs

•             attachment

•             trauma.