Eden Academy Trust Policies

At the Eden Academy Trust, we take care in ensuring that we provide transparency and fairness across all of our schools, with our students, staff and parents.

Please find below links to the Eden Academy Trust's Policies, Reports and Statements:


The Eden Academy Trust Board of Directors has adopted the Schools HR policies.

These policies have been constructed by an expert group and negotiated with unions.


The following has been added to each of these policies:

The Eden Academy Trust uses Schools HR for the provision of HR services.  These policies will apply for Eden Academy Trust Schools with the following logical adjustments:

For “Headteacher” it may need to read “Head of School”.
References to the Local Authority in respect of escalation procedures, should be substituted with the Eden Academy Trust.
References to the Local Authority in respect of being the employer, should be substituted with the “Eden Academy Trust”.
References to the Local Authority in respect of periods of continuous employment, can be read as Eden Academy Trust and Local Authority combined. (TUPE agreements when the Eden Academy Trust formed ensures employees transferring have continuous employment rights)
Appeals Committees at an Eden Academy school, may second other Local Authority Board members from another Eden Academy Trust school, or Trustees of the Eden Academy Trust Board where this is required to maintain impartiality / speed of review.”


These policies are available on request, if you wish to access these or any other policies, not found in the list above, or if you require an accessible version, please do not hesitate to contact us.