Soundbeam & Creative Music Therapy

To encourage listening, stimulate imagination and build confidence about moving in a space.

What does a Soundbeam and Creative Music Making Specialist do in a school setting?
A Soundbeam and Creative Music Specialist is a music psychologist/education researcher who offers sessions which utilise various pieces of music technology to encourage music-making and creativity with sound.
A range of devices are used in the sessions to provide a means for pupils who find it difficult to use conventional musical instruments to access a wide range of sound to create music.


What does our team provide?
• Sessions are offered as part of the pupil’s weekly timetable
• Sessions last up to 30 minutes and take place once a week over a period of six weeks to a whole year depending on pupil need and level of interest/engagement
• Sessions are currently individual one-to-one working with the child although group work is also possible
• A short summary report is written at the end of the block of sessions outlining significant points, developments observed during the sessions and recommendations
• Audio recordings of pieces of work and videos of parts of sessions are sometimes made


What are the benefits of Soundbeam and Creative Music Making?
• Encouraging body awareness
• Building confidence about moving in a space
• Developing extended movement
• Developing fine motor control
• Exploring cause and effect
• Encouraging listening, attention and concentration
• Stimulating imagination through movement and sound
• Discovering composition and improvisation
• Making music and having fun
• Fostering a sense of achievement

How is a pupil referred?
Teachers and teaching assistants are consulted at the beginning of the year for referrals.
Parents and carers can contact the Therapy Service Managers, class team or ask for an appointment with the Creative Music Specialist if they feel their child may benefit.