Educational Psychologist

To promote learning & develop emotional, social and behavioural skills.

What does our Educational Psychologist do in the Eden Academy schools?
Our Educational Psychologist:
• supports children, young people, their families and schools to promote the emotional and social wellbeing of pupils.
• supports those with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential through the use of assessment, monitoring
and evaluation.
• provides advice and support to class teams.
• works with staff to promote pupils’ learning, to develop their emotional, social and behavioural skills and support their psychological development.
• can act as a bridge between the educational and therapeutic needs of the pupil.


What are the benefits of Educational psychology?
The Educational Psychologist brings a different and refreshing perspective to teaching and learning so as to ensure the child’s whole development is the best it can possibly be.

What does the Specialist Educational Psychologist provide?
A small number of children are identified in September to join a tracking list. A child is selected if it is felt that they might benefit from some extra input in order to reach their full potential. This involves lengthy observations by the psychologist in school and a meeting with the class team to discuss strategies and approaches. There are follow-up observations and meetings in the spring and summer terms to look at progress achieved and to further develop the child’s individual programme.


How is a pupil referred?
The Head of School, teachers and other professionals can make a referral to the Educational Psychologist at the monthly multi-professional meetings. Parents of children on the tracking list will always receive a letter early in the year to let them know, and be notified as and when an intervention is requested. Teachers will feedback to parents, the outcomes of the meetings and the strategies suggested by the Educational Psychologist.