Our team

Our Board of Members & Trustees

Our Board of Members and Trustees comprises people that have been chosen for their extensive skills and experience in areas such as education, finance and asset management, some of whom may also sit on one of the Local Advisory Boards of our family of schools.


Our Senior Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team comprises our CEO, Directors and Heads.


Our CEO is Susan Douglas, who plays a leading role in the strategy and direction of the Academy, creating and shaping its development and was instrumental in its founding and development.

She has spent over 25 years working in the educational arena including 15 years as a teacher and headteacher in West London. In 2006, she left headship and has since held key roles with a wide variety of national and international organisations including the British Council, Teaching Leaders and the National College of Teaching and Leadership.

Our Directors

Each have their own areas of expertise and experience.

  • Sudhi Pathak, Director for Finance and Operations. Sudhi is responsible for Finance, ICT, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Administration and Facilities.
  • John Ayres OBE, Director for Academy Development. John leads the Free School Development programme for the Trust and has responsibility for Family Services, Therapy Services, Professional Development & Support Services and leadership coaching. John is also Executive Head of School for RNIB Sunshine House School.
  • Jarlath O’Brien, Director for Schools. Jarlath is one of two Directors for Schools at the Eden Academy Trust and supports schools in the south.
  • Michael Thompson, Director for Schools. Michael is one of two Directors for Schools at the Eden Academy Trust and supports schools in the north.

Our Directors for Schools will offer support and challenge to the schools in the north and south hubs, create structures to enable those schools to collaborate successfully and, together, will also create those structures between our south and north hubs.


Our Heads

The role of the Heads of School and Headteachers is to be responsible for the operational day-to-day running of the schools and to be the first point of contact for pupils, staff and parents.

  • Alexandra School – Perdy Buchanan-Barrow, Headteacher
  • Grangewood School – Liz Edwards, Head of School
  • Hexham Priory School - Liz Davidson, Headteacher
  • James Rennie School - Kris Williams, Headteacher
  • Moorcroft School – Andrew Sanders, Headteacher
  • Pentland Field School - Audrey Pantelis, Head of School
  • RNIB Sunshine House School – Mark Fuell, Head of School


Our Local Advisory Boards

Each school's Local Advisory Boards (LAB) is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees. A LAB is not a legal entity in its own right. Legal accountability for all aspects of each school lies with the Trustees including finance, personnel and premises, and the educational performance of the school.

The LAB is designed to enable key stakeholders (e.g. parents, staff and community members) to get involved in the life of their school, to contribute to its development and to promote the school within the community.


Our Service Managers

We have also structured a range of Academy-wide roles and responsibilities that function across all of our schools to ensure consistency and best practice.  These are:

  • Family Services and Safeguarding
  • Therapies - Arts, Physical and Speech and Language therapies
  • Professional Development and Support services


Our Staff

We are very proud of our professional staff.  Everyone from teachers, assistants, therapists, administrative and support staff to pastoral carers, are all dedicated to the development of the children and young people that they educate and look after.