Speech and Language Therapy Support for Parents and Carers at home

Speech and Language Therapy helps children learn their preferred way of communicating and to develop confidence.

Each week we add new videos to create  ways for you to practice speech and language with your child at home.


Word of the Week Videos.  

These videos focus on one single word to support vocabulary development.

Story & Sign Videos.

Enjoy some of our favourite stories with signing to make them more accessible, you will also find Marley the Dog’s adventures here. Stories are a good way of developing a range of skills including, sequencing, vocabulary, sentences and sharing a communication experience together.

Simple Language Concept Videos (Group A).

These videos target early language levels such as attention development, requesting skills, and basic concepts like describing words and support pupils who are learning key words. The importance of these videos is to develop vocabulary and support children in the early stages of developing an understanding of sentences.

Advanced Language Concept Videos (Group B).

These videos target advanced language concepts like sequencing activities, problem solving activities and asking 'why…’ ‘because…’ questions.



If you would like to speak to us about your child’s speech and language please email: alison.futerman@theedenacademy.co.uk

Very best wishes,

The Speech and Language Therapy Team