Behaviour - Hints & Tips

Positive interactions

By starting the day on a positive, there is a greater chance of this remaining throughout the day.

  • engage in conversation
  • ask them how they feel
  • take an interest in what they are doing
  • encourage
  • notice if they look down
  • say positive things
  • show them trust and give them responsibilities
  • comment positively about them


Helping them help themselves

Children need to be equipped to manage their own behaviour.  So think about:

  • giving children the chance to learn
  • making them feel safe
  • building safe esteem
  • providing unconditional (but tough) love
  • helping them communicate how they feel

Here are some examples of symbols that can be used to promote positive behaviour.


Please contact your Family Services Co-ordinator who can help put together a set of symbols that are specific to your child and their behaviour.


Be confident and assertive

  1. choose your battles
  2. try to unpick the motivation behind the behaviour
  3. use the language of choice
  4. give children time to comply
  5. be consistent and clear
  6. don't be scared to change things
  7. be as organised as possible