Social Stories

Social stories are a great way to talk through particular situations and how your child might feel.  It helps children understand what they can expect, how they might feel and what effect their behaviour can have on the people around them.  These stories are also a great resource for other people working with your child, so that they know how to help them get the best out of their time together.

Take a look at the example below, which has been written to help a child on their way to school with a new escort.

My name is …..…...

I go to …………. School on the bus every morning.


Normally, Colin is my escort on the bus.

He is a good escort and he listens to me every morning.

At the moment, Colin is away and a new escort is on the bus.

Mum knows that this is difficult for me because Colin is not there to listen to me.

I am feeling stressed and worried in the mornings.

It is ok to find changes to routine hard but Mum wants to help me to have happy mornings


The bus will always come to pick me up, even if it is a little bit late.

When it arrives, I can ask politely “Why is the bus late this morning?”


Sally is another escort on the bus.

I will be able to talk to Sally each morning until Colin comes back after Christmas.

This will make me feel happy.


I will try to say only kind things to other children on the bus.

I will feel happier in the mornings.

The children on my bus will feel happier.

Mum will feel happier because I am not worried about the bus being late any more.

I will arrive at school with a happy face, calm and ready to start to learn new things.

The teachers will say “Well done”

See if you could adapt something similar for your child and a difficult or new situation that they might find themselves in.  And feel free to get in touch with your school's Family Service co-ordinator if you'd like some advice.