Help on Eating

Understanding eating difficulties in children with learning disabilities

​There are a number of things that may influence the development of eating/feeding difficulties in children or young people with disabilities.

Children with disabilities may have medical difficulties that have influenced their early feeding experiences. This can disrupt their ability to learn to eat appropriately according to their developmental stage. In this section we hope to provide you with lots of useful information and help to find out everything your child needs for a healthy, balanced diet.

So we have put together this helpful section to give you support with:

  • Useful contacts with organisations
  • Eating workshops with our experienced Academy staff
  • Helpful books specifically to deal with eating difficulties
  • A visual timetable with symbols and images to help guide you and your child
  • Simple hints and tips, including reward charts and games
  • A concise Question & Answer section

Often a lack of child's interest in eating can turn into a power struggle, even when the initial underlying cause of the difficulty is medical.

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions or comments - these can either be answered confidentially or shared with other parents if you are happy to do so.