Frequently asked questions about eating

We have compiled answers to some of the questions that we often get asked by parents and carers about eating.

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Question 1

My child will not eat anything other than white foods (bread, chips, potatoes and some pastas). How can I get her to eat different foods? She has autism and challenges with her communication.

Question 2

My son is in year 4 and has learning difficulties. He is very over weight and it is now affecting him at home and at school. He won’t play outside anymore and only seems interested in sitting down and watching TV.

Question 3

My son often refuses to eat or eats very little amounts 

Question 4

When we eat my son throws his unwanted food on the floor. How can I stop him from making such a mess at mealtime?


Of course, if you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please get in touch with our team at, or your individual school's co-ordinator and we will make sure that we answer it.  If you are happy for the question to be shared, we will add it to those above.