Useful Contacts Regarding Eating

First Steps Nutrition Trust

A charity that supports good nutrition from pre-conception to five years. First Steps Nutrition produced a report ‘Healthy and Sustainable Diets in the Early Years’ which provides nutritional evidence to support lower meat intakes among children.



The British Dietetic Association

The British Dietetic Association believes in the right of all to enjoy healthy, nutritious and sustainable food and lifestyles. We achieve this by developing and supporting activities that help children to have a healthy start to life and enable adults of all ages to maximise their health throughout life.



The Vegetarian Society

An educational charity working to support, represent and increase the number of vegetarians in the UK. 






Special educational needs guide




PINNT is a national, independent, not for profit membership charity established for over 30 years providing mutual support and understanding to hundreds of adults and children and their families adapting to life on home artificial nutrition. PINNT provides this support direct via local and regional groups, online via forums and literature and a national telephone and email helpline.

020 3004 6193


Just Look and Cook

Just Look and Cook, a recipe book launched in 2013, is helping to encourage people with learning disabilities to cook and eat healthily. The text free cookbook contains simple, economical & nutritious recipes that are presented to the user through a series of photographs. Each recipe includes a detachable shopping list and uses everyday ingredients and basic kitchen equipment – allowing the user to recreate a great range of delicious dishes no matter how big or small their kitchen. Recipes within the book include firm favourites Spaghetti Bolognese, pizza and chicken curry. 

Click here to check out some of the exciting recipes 



Tastier than Porridge

An initiative of the Swansea Community Chaplaincy Project, the cook book is aimed at individuals who may not be able to access comprehensive cooking facilities; it has been developed as a tool to encourage basic cookery skills and healthy eating. An easy to use book with simple symbols throughout.

Download the cookbook here