Baseline Charts

A baseline bladder/bowel assessment chart should be filled in when the child is first assessed. This should be repeated after any intervention e.g. treatment for constipation.


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And take a look at this helpful guide on using a toileting chart, before you start.



Some advice from an Eden Academy NHS Nurse on using a Baseline toileting chart:

"What we normally suggest is an initial baseline assessment over a period of a few days to identify the normal bladder filling and emptying cycle so we get a clear idea of how often the child normally voids – this is also done in conjunction with recording fluid intake and when they have their bowels opened . The child would wear a pull up with an inner liner such as folded kitchen roll and every hour someone would check if the roll was wet or dry and keep a record. If the kitchen roll was wet it would be replaced otherwise it would be left until the next check with the pull up being changed as normal – the child would not be prompted or taken to the toilet during this time."

"We would never advocate hourly toileting as it never allows the bladder to fill and develop and never allows the child to learn what full bladder signals feel like."

"We have found the use of a weighted blanket or something like a filled hot water bottle wrapped in a towel placed over their legs while sitting on the toilet is helpful for some children to feel ‘grounded’ and more secure sitting on the toilet."