Frequency asked questions about toileting

We have compiled answers to some of the questions that we often get asked by parents and carers about toileting.

Just click on the question below to find the answer:


Question 1
When should I start toilet training my son?  He is 5 years old and autistic.
Question 2
My daughter is scared to flush the toilet.  How can I help her?
Question 3
After using the toilet my son wants to squirt ALL the soap from the dispenser, until it is finished.  How can I get him to only use one squirt?
Question 4
My son still wets the bed at night and he is 11 years old.  What can I do?
Question 5
My son hardly drinks anything.  How can I get him to drink more?
Question 6
My daughter will wee, but will not do a poo in the toilet.  What can I do to help her?


Of course, if you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please get in touch with our team at, or your individual school's co-ordinator and we will make sure that we answer it.  If you are happy for the question to be shared, we will add it to those above.