Helpful books on toileting

There are lots of useful books and resources out there.  Here are a few of our favourites:


It hurts when I poop!

This is a story about a little boy called Ryan who is scared to use the toilet.  He's afraid to have a poo because he's afraid it's going to hurt.  When Ryan's parents take him to visit Dr.Gold, she engages his imagination with the story of Bill the Coyote's messy house.  She also shows him what happens inside the body, and explains how different foods make using the potty easy or hard.  This story, along with Ryan's 'poo programme' will help young
children gain the confidence they need to overcome this common problem and work towards healthy habits.

By Howard J Bennett (Author) & M.S.Weber (Illustrator)



Going to the Potty

Going to the Potty handles a sensitive subject and is specifically designed for young audiences.  Parents and children may read this book together, as it discusses the way children develop in the expericence of how they get rid of waste from their body and the positive aspects of using the toilet.

by Fred Rogers and Jim Judkis






'Whose poo?'

This book is a fantastic guessing game, with large flaps to lift to the find the answers.  'Whose poo?' is about a very important topic - potty training!  Flips the flaps and discover fairy poo, robot poo and snowman poo, until under the final flap is a little boy pointing to his potty.  Perfect for children with clear, bright colours.

by Jeanette Rowe




Potty Superhero

This is a story about a superhero that needs to use a toilet - he just needs to know how to go!  It's a great read to help your child make the journey into wearing big boy pants and big girl knickers.

by Mabel Forsyth






​Peter Poo

'Peter Poo' is the story of a poo that wants to be free!  A funny and magical story to help children poo in the toilet and not in their nappy.

by Papa G










Poo goes to pooland

Talking about 'Pooland' might help you to engage a child in getting control of their poo.  This clever book intends to relieve anxiety and covers topics such as sharing unhappy feelings and how to recognise when you need a poo.

by Tamsin Black






Liam goes poo in the toilet

One of a series of books about Liam, who has ASD.  This is a story about trouble with toilet training and it deals with the connection between eating and using the toilet, the importance of relaxing, and that we don't try to hold it in or 'poo in our pants'.  This book can also be used with children who do not have ASD.

by Jane Whelan Banks