RNIB Sunshine House School Educational Outreach Offer due to Covid-19

Dear Parents and Carers

We don’t think any of us could have predicted the unusual and challenging situation we’re facing right now but we do know what an amazing job you're doing adapting to these huge changes.

To support you during this time we will send you activities, plans and ideas. Please don’t feel you have to use them, work in the way that’s best for your family but please keep in touch to let us know how you’re getting on.

The Sunshine House School Educational Outreach Offer is based firmly on working in partnership with families to provide a programme of support which is sensitive to the wider needs of pupils and their families.

This includes:

  • Weekly updates to each child’s Personalised Home Learning Pack (containing Educational programmes, therapy activities, lists of useful and easily accessed resources).
  • Weekly theme to guide and engage parents in their child’s education alongside other family needs.
  • Daily activities that aim to connect parents and siblings with their child’s educational targets and their unique way of learning.
  • Personalised consultation with parents to develop a daily timetable of learning and therapy, balanced with other family commitments.
  • Two-way sharing and recording of learning via tapestry.
  • Live-streamed group sessions for pupils run by teachers and therapists, which parents can book onto.
  • Downloadable recorded sessions by teachers, including sensory stories, audio books, guided sensory stimulation sessions.
  • Regular contact from staff to understand current barriers to learning in the home and further adaptations to support.

For the duration of the Easter Holidays, provision will move towards greater use of planned events which parents can book access to (if live stream) or download in their entirety to access at a time which suits them.

  • Family quizzes
  • Family Yoga sessions (TBC)
  • Live streamed teacher or therapist-led anticipation activities.
  • Live streamed teacher or therapist-led assemblies.
  • Themed topic-based fun which the whole family can share in.
  • Teacher AMAs (Ask Me Anything).